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The structures capabilities at the Canadian facility include machining and forming in support of STC products and to produce replacement parts (PDA) for a variety of aircraft as well as sub-contract manufacturing for aircraft OEMs and operators.


NEW! PC-12 Spectre Surveillance Kit

  • PC-12 Spectre installation is designed, fabricated & assembled at ACS-NAI Ltd
  • Existing access panels were modified to be inward opening during Spectre deployment
  • Design maintains sleek contour of the Pilatus PC-12
  • No noticeable change to the aircraft can be seen while on the ground or in the air while the Spectre kit is not in use
  • Designed components are assembled & tested in our facility to ensure proper function of all assembled components before installation on the PC-12 aircraft

PC-12_Spectre_Surv_Kit_Collage.gif (PC-12_Spectre_Surv_Kit_Collage.gif)

NEW! PC-12 Utility Door

  • Partnered with Pilatus Business Aircraft to develop an inward opening utility door that can be used for special missions
  • Installation of the utility door does not affect the operation of the existing cargo door
  • Utility door maintains the sleek contour of the PC-12 when installed & utilizes all the aesthetics of the original aircraft
  • Modification of the existing cargo door completed entirely at the facility of ACS-NAI Ltd
  • All sheet metal and machined components were designed, fabricated & installed by ACS-NAI Ltd

PC-12_Utility_Door_Collage.gif (PC-12_Utility_Door_Collage.gif)

Improvement Kits, PDA, Cargo Restraints

EMTEQ designs, engineers and manufactures improvement kits and replacement parts (PDA) for a variety of fixed and rotor wing aircraft. Our cargo restraint systems are designed and built for long-lasting durability, safety and ease of installation and use.

Aircraft Improvement Kits

Cargo Restraint Systems

Exterior Improvement Kits/Structures

Our professionally trained, skilled personnel perform maintenance, modification and repair services for on aircraft sheet-metal and machined components as well as improvement/modification kits and structures for a variety of aircraft.

Structural Repair, Modification and Overhaul

EMTEQ can provide FAA approval for numerous structural modifications and repairs including engineering orders and test procedures for the affected areas of your aircraft. Our Canadian office, ACS-NAI, holds Transport Canada Design Approval Organization (DAO) and Transport Canada parts manufacturing approval while EMTEQ Engineering has expertise in U.S. Federal Aviation Association (FAA) certification competencies. Our combined offering includes materials testing, on-site technical support, and the ability to approve design data for avionics system, structures and interior systems.